‘Bro David please can we talk?’ I asked my husband. I still call him Bro David because he’s not different from that gimgim brother I met in church. ‘Talk about what? Can’t you see I am busy? I have a 3 day prayer conference to attend by the weekend and I am one of the guest speakers. A lot of people will be coming from different states and different denominations, I need to wait on God to be able to deliver,’ he said.

‘Is that why you have not been eating for the past three days? When last did we make love as husband and wife in this house? If you are not praying you are meditating. I thought the Bible says husband and wife must have mutual agreement before embarking on a fast? Is this how to be married? Why do you allow me to waste food everyday when you know you are fasting? Isn’t it right to pre-inoform me so I don’t have to stress myself daily? Sometimes you leave me alone for a whole week in this house for one special program or the other. How long are we going to continue like this?’

‘Sis, Folake, you are carnally minded, you are weak in the spirit and you need spiritual rejuvenation. Two cannot walk together except they be agreed. I have trained myself just to eat to survive and not to be filled. Sex is not food and it has a way of weakening one spiritually. It will be unfair if I sleep with my wife every night while men are dying. Didn’t you read that Uriah did not go to sleep with his wife when he brought message from the battle field for King David in the Bible? It is wrong to be having fun and pleasure while men are at the war front?’

‘This is five months now I have not missed my period and my husband is jumping here and there thinking he’s working for God while he’s failing in his primary assignment at home. Woe unto him who cannot rule his household well.’ ‘Did you just say woe?’ Bro David asked with aggressiveness on his face. ‘So it has now come to this, raining curses on me and saying what the Bible did not say? I thought I married a spiritual vibrant sister, I didn’t know you are this lukewarm. I will not stand here and allow you rub your lukewarmness on me.’ He picked his Bible and went inside the bedroom.

An hour later my husband was dressed up with his Bible on his armpit heading towards the door. ‘Where do you think you are going?’ I protested. ‘You won’t go out and leave me here all alone today. Today is Saturday and this is the only day we both have together as husband and wife. I took the house key from the room divider and quickly locked the door and put the key inside my bra. Come and go let me see!’ ‘Sis Folake go and open that door, I can’t afford to be late for the preparatory prayer meeting as the prayer leader, please open the door. You have an assistant, let him be in charge today.’ I said. ‘They know you are married now and shouldn’t expect you to be available like you are still single.’

He moved closer to me and forced his hand on my bra trying to remove the key to the door. I struggled with him for like two minutes until he overpowered me and forcefully removed the key and left my bra string slacked. While I was trying to adjust the second string of my bra I noticed some pains on my left breast. I put in my hand to check, it was a cut from the key holder’s pin. When I brought out my hand it was soaked with blood. I quickly screamed and lifted my hand filled with blood so he can see it before he leaves but he left without minding me.

‘I followed him to the gate, God will not answer your prayers, I said to him and turned back to the house.’ He responded quickly, ‘madam, you are not God and you can’t decide which of my prayers will be answered or not.’ I went in and cleaned up the blood stain on my chest. I sat at the couch and wept. Today I remembered Kenny. Kenny would never have treated me this way. He may not be spiritual like David but he’s born again. I questioned God in my pain. Why did you take away Kenny from me? Why did you replace him with this type of man? God you are not fair to me. Immediately I remembered it’s not right to challenge God that way so I quickly asked for his mercy. ‘I am sorry Lord.’

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