I summoned courage to return back to Calabar to pick up my job after much persuasion from my parents and friends. This marked a new phase of my life with a different environment and new friends. Janet returned back to Lagos after her service, while I came back to Calabar like Adam in the world without any friend. The spillover trauma from losing Kenny did not allow me concentrate on my job but thanks to my supervisor, Mr Alfred who was very understanding. He came around to encourage me anytime I got depressed, to move on with my life and face reality.

He took me out for lunch one saturday and made my day and I was able to forget Kenny for at least the period we were together with. How about coming to pick you up for service tomorrow? He asked me. That would be nice sir, I subscribed to his suggestion. I know you are thinking he’s interested in me right? No, far from that. Mr Alfred is a married man – a deacon in his church. He loves his family dearly and he has invited me to his home on two occasions to meet his family and have dinner with them.

Their church was nice and service was short but powerful. Mr Alfred introduced me to their pastor after the service in his office. I love your message said, I complemented the pastor’s sermon after we exchanged greetings. Bro Alfred told me some of the things you’ve been through but if you can trust God, he will make your story like the case of Ruth. Your Chilion maybe have gone, he’s surely preparing your Boaz, the pastor encouraged me and my soul was lifted.

I started attending Christ My Saviour Church together with Mr Alfred and his family. My commitment in church was noticed by everyone in the church including the pastor. Why would I miss church when I have no friend except Mr Alfred and his family, neither do I have anywhere to go to. In two months I didn’t miss any of the service even when Mr Alfred couldn’t pick me up I find my way to the church on my own.

After the Bible study on Wednesday, Bro David walked up to me, ‘hello Sis Folake, I am Bro David in…….’ ‘
I know you already.’ I cut in. ‘Who will not know the prayer leader of his church?’ ‘The Lord bless you my sister. I have been moved by the Holy Ghost to have a word with you if you don’t mind?’ He said while he speaking in tongues intermittently. ‘Go ahead sir, I am listening,’ I turned me right ear towards his direction.

Before he could say anything he quoted about six scriptures to prepare for his statement. We just finished a Bible study, this was another Bible study with Bro David. I was patient because I already know where he was going. I like Bro David for his spirituality but I doubt if I will like to marry him for that. He is over-spiritual for my liking. That evening he did all his spiritual gimgim, shared a lot of revelations and spiritual insight but he never said anything about love or relationship. I doubt if he will be able to toast a woman because he is too hyper-spiritual to say “I love you” to a woman.

For three weeks, anytime he sees me it’s either a Bible study or a prayer meeting until I started getting pissed off. This was one reason I will not accept his proposal. I know if I marry him my spiritual security is guaranteed but that’s not enough for a successful marriage. I need a man who will be my friend and playmate and not this spirit being.

After Sunday service, our pastor sent a note to me through the chief usher about his intention to have a word with me in his office. I quickly rushed to pastor’s office after I read the note. Knock! Knock!! Is that Sis Folake? The pastor asked, yes sir, I responded. Come in, when I opened the curtain of pastor’s office I met Bro David already seated in front of the pastor. If not for the respect I have for the pastor I would have turned back immediately. So he can’t talk to me himself, he has to involve the pastor? I thought. I took my seat as I pretended as if he was not there. ‘You are welcome Sis Folake, the pastor greeted. ‘I am sure you know Bro David,’ as he pointed towards his direction. ‘Yes sir I do’, I responded. ‘Will you like to marry him?’ The pastor asked me frankly, but I was dumbfounded for a minute.


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