My lust for Tony grew by the day. I asked Sarah at the office, ‘how about Tony?’ My friend was shocked on hearing that. I’m sure she was wondering why it was Tony I asked about amongst the three guys she introduced to me? She told me few things I needed to know about him – his profession, tribe and marital status. Those things I heard about him made me like him the more. I stole his phone number from Sarah’s phone unknown to her and I sent him an anonymous text afterwhich he called me immediately.

I wouldn’t want to bother you with too much of what happened that led to how I started seeing Tony. But the difference between Tony and my husband is that he’s caring and loving. I became jealous of the woman who will eventually marry Tony. He filled the vacuum my husband created before he travelled. My attendance in church reduced until pastor became uncomfortable and promised to visit me at home with his wife. I was not in church most days because I was with Tony. Tony brought out the woman in me and made me feel different. I knew I was sinning against God and against my husband but I couldn’t help it, I enjoyed Tony’s company.

My husband was scheduled to be back in two days and yet we haven’t spoken for once. The trauma of his return was a nightmare to me. The fear I won’t be seeing Tony again caused a terrible fever inside me. The fear of being discovered and God’s judgement was the worst trauma of my life. My husband arrived on the 13th of September and his official ordination was to come up on the 28th. Ordination in our church was a big ceremony and he was obviously going to be needing me for the planning and organisation. I needed to sort out Tony before my husband arrived. I passed the night in his place as a farewell compensation. ‘Tony after tonight I won’t be seeing you again, I told him frankly.’ But he smiled and made a joke out of it.

I took his phone an deleted my phone number from it, deleted his from mine. I cleared all our chats in all our social media platforms and handed him his phone. I kissed him and took my bag to leave. He dragged me back in total confusion. He looked into my eyes and tears dropped down his cheeks. ‘Why are you making this type of decision when I am beginning to fall in love with you Folake?’ He held me so close and before I could say anything I found myself on his bed again. Tony did not know I am a married woman. After that last intimacy we had together, he knelt before me and begged him to marry him.

‘Tony, I am a married woman, my husband is a pastor and he will be back to Calabar in two days. Whatsoever we had together was for fun and not for love. Thanks for being there while my husband was away. I have to take my leave now but I have one special request I want to make. I will ever love you if you can grant me this request, I pleaded.’
‘Name it Folake and it’s considered done.’ he said. ‘Please don’t ever call me again or look for me after now.’ Immediately I said that, ‘I picked my bag and left him still kneeling down.

My husband returned looking so lean and unkempt. I knew he was starved while in Lagos. I greeted him and he answered me casually. ‘What will you like to eat?’ I asked him. ‘Anything you give me, I will eat.’ He said that not minding the fact that he’s still keeping malice with me. Then I remembered the Youruba adage that says “Hunger does not stay in the belly with other things”. I made his best meal and decorated it with goat meat, knowing how much he liked it. He ate like a man just released from the prison. If he’s this staved he must also be starved sexually. I made up my mind to give him to the fullest at the bedroom that night.

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