The honeymoon of my marriage lasted for one week until it was cut short by the devil. My husband was to proceed to a one month leadership course as a compulsory requirement for his ordination. He came home that day from church after his departmental meeting with a bag full of nice suits, packing shirts, jeans, ties, wrist watch, shocks, boxers, singlets, T-shirts, shoes and lots more. I had budgeted N100,000 to also buy him some of these things before his journey to Lagos for the one month course. I expected my husband to tell me about the things in the bag but that didn’t happen for three days rather he was trying to hide the bag from me.

I knew there was something about the bag that my husband did not want to tell me. But I was careful not to ask him so as not to terminate the honeymoon in my marriage. I was restless and highly agitated about the bag. Why will my husband try to hide the bag away from me? What is it about the bag? After awhile, I made up my mind not to ask him whether he tells me about it or not. But my curiosity and worry will not let me be at peace. ‘Dear, I saw the bag you brought home last week filled with clothes and other material things but you’ve not told me anything about it. I know you are not working at the moment and I don’t know where you got money from to buy all those things.’ His countenance suddenly changed, ‘are you insinuating I stole the money?’ he asked in anger. ‘No oh! I am not saying you stole the money but I am just curious about how you got them. I didn’t mean to offend you dear just that I thought I have a right to know everything about my husband.’ I could see the rage on his face as he walked out on me without saying anything further. I guess he remembered our deal so he walked away in order not to fall into temptation of ever lifting his hand against me.

That night he refused to talk to me even when I made advances at him. But what have I said that is too much? I asked myself. I feel like apologizing to him but I asked myself, what have you done that you wrong that you want to apologize?” So I left him alone thinking he will come around sooner or later. Through out that day, I was unhappy in the office thinking of my husband and my marriage. After three days my husband till refused to talk to me. I decided I will break the silence after work today. Whatsoever that will happen let it happen. After all we have a deal he must adhere to or he gets exposed of his past wickedness.

‘Dear, can you tell me where you got those things from? If you have no skeleton in your cupboard, why is it difficult to tell your wife where you got those items from. I need an explanation now.’ I demanded while my hands were stretched as if I wanted to collect something from him. He looked at me with irritation, ‘madam don’t make an issue where there’s none, he said and picked his shirt and was about walking out of me. ‘She bought them for you right?’ I asked without looking his side. ‘Who is the she you are referring to?’ He asked. ‘Your girlfriend of course.’ He turned back, ‘are you accusing me of infidelity?’ He asked me. ‘If she is not the one who bought them then tell me in clear terms who did?’

He would have raised his hand at me with the look of anger on his face but the deal kept his hands down. He left the house that night and never came back again until I left for work the following morning. Satan took over my heart that day with negative and evil thoughts. I have never suspected him of cheating with me but his action is questionable. Maybe my accusation is right, maybe he has a girlfriend? But I think he’s too spiritual for that. But who can tell, the heart of a man is desperately wicked. Maybe he stole the church money to purchase those things, I thought. But who would have given him such things worth a fortune?

I got home that day and noticed he had removed the bag out of the house. For those days, he refused to eat my food, touch me, talk to me or even answer my greetings. He kept to the deal by not beating but the malice was more painful than the beating. I hate malice and especially from someone close. His trip to Lagos for the one month course is just three days ahead but I’ve not been talking with my husband. The communication wall between us grew taller. I don’t even know his plans for the journey. This is back to square one minus beating. Now it’s too late to stop him from being a pastor, I had filled and submitted the form already. I wept bitterly for the future of my marriage. He gave me the sweetness of marriage and sex and cut off in a jiffy. This is really hurting.

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