I agreed with my husband to fill the form favourably on one condition. I sent him a text message on Saturday evening “I will fill the form as you want on one condition, that the day you lift your hand against me again, pastor will hear about it”. He replied immediately, “Deal!”. I picked the form and filled the spaces favourably with tears in my eyes. I began to ask myself several questions. “I hope you are doing the right thing Folake?”. “I hope you will not regret this your action?”. “Assuming he does not change like he promised, what next will you do?”. “Do you think you will ever be happy again in this marriage?” That Saturday night was the second longest I ever had. The first was the day I realized I will never see Kenny again.

I made up my mind to return home after Sunday service on the condition that he will send his sister away. I gave him that condition so as to reduce the number of enemies I will contend with on my return. I submitted the form to the pastor after service on Sunday and he almost did not look at the content before going for his stapler machine. I said softly, “sir, aren’t you going to look at the form before stapling it?”. He smiled and replied “I know what’s there already”. He was so sure there will never be anything negative about Bro David.

The night I returned home was better than our honeymoon. I don’t know where he got money from but the special treat was intoxicating. He stocked the fridge with shawamar and assorted juice. He knows I like shawamar very well. And for the first time I really enjoyed sex with my husband, I must confess. I didn’t just enjoy sex that night, I also requested for more. I knew I was going to have problems at work the following morning because I rarely slept, it was a vigil of sex, dining and wining. I managed to take a short nap at about 4am and by 5:30am I was up to prepare for work. He already got my bath water ready as he led me to the bathroom. By the time I was through, a steaming hot cup of coffee and coconut bread baptized in fried egg was already waiting for me in our bedroom, courtesy of my transformed husband.

I got to work a bit late that day but Sarah had signed the staff register for me already. Sarah is the only female friend I have in my office. She was the lady I stayed with for those days I left home. She is a wonderful and lively lady but not born again. Our eyes met during the morning briefly and she smiled at me, I smiled back at her too. She could read excitement and intoxication on my face. I am coming to your office later for the gist, she said as we all went to our various offices for the day’s work.

She fulfilled her promise when she rushed into my office at break time. ‘Folake, how did it go?’ She asked me. You can trust women with gist, I told her everything not minding her marital status. I told her the number of rounds of sex we had and how I asked for more. ‘Sarah, I have never enjoyed sex like this in my life. My husband is a brand new man. I put my hand in my bag and brought out two wraps of shawamar and a bottle of wine and gave them to Sarah, this is your own proceed and spoil from war, I said. We both laughed and she tapped my breast, ‘this thing must have suffered in the hands of David’, she said and we laughed again like we are in a comedy show.

Mr Alfred was the next to pay me a visit. ‘Congratulations Mrs David, on the proposed ordination of your husband. You will soon be a pastor’s wife and I must start to learn to address you as mummy’. We both laughed at that. He thought the radiancy of my countenance was for the joy that my husband will soon be a pastor. He was happy for me and gave me some sort of advice on how to be a pastor’s wife. He talked about tolerance, selflessness and commitment. I thanked him and he left for his office. Before I left the office that day I requested for my husband’s account details and did a mobile transfer of N20000 into his account. I did that so he can pay back from wherever he has borrowed money to do what he did yesterday. I also hope for more of the treat.

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