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conor mcgregor v floyd mayweather

McGregor vs Mayweather result: Floyd Mayweather the winner after just 10 rounds

After a slow start, Floyd Mayweather poured on the pressure in the second half of a fight against Conor McGregor to win by TKO when the referee stopped the fight in round 10.

conor mcgregor v floyd mayweather

Before the stoppage, McGregor may have been winning the fight. At the very least, it was a close contest with both fighters having plenty of moments in a back-and-forth contest.

But McGregor’s gas tank came into play during the middle of the fight when he slowed, allowing Mayweather to rally from a slow start. In the first three rounds, McGregor landed much more and stayed active, pinning Mayweather against the ropes with combinations often.

conor mcgregor v floyd mayweather

By the time the fifth and sixth rounds began, McGregor’s pace began to slow and Mayweather picked up speed to push the pace and keep the Irish MMA star moving backwards.

After the fight, Mayweather was complimentary and said that McGregor was much better than he thought, but he aimed to tire out McGregor early.

The game plan worked and by the ninth round, the fight was all Mayweather’s with him landing unanswered shots against a battered and tired McGregor. In the tenth round, the referee came to McGregor’s rescue, calling the fight without any contestation from McGregor.

The fight was likely Mayweather’s last — he promised as much after the fight — and the stoppage victory is something he can hang his hat on, but McGregor is also a big winner for showing that his skills weren’t far from one of the best boxers of all-time.

After the fight, McGregor said he believed the fight was stopped earlier than it should have been, but admitted he was fatigued.

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